"A+ Parenting"

10 Key Secrets to Raising Happy and Successful Children"

As parents we have a VERY IMPORTANT choice to make, do we want our children to be healthy and happy (both mentally and physically) or struggle through life, never achieving their true potential?

The answer seems obvious:


But few parents realize there are 10 key secrets to raising a happy and well-adjusted child — neglect even one of these crucial steps and you may cause your child to forego the very advantages they need for a truly successful life.

My name is Rosanna Cavarra, mother of three grown boys — they were a handful — and a 40-year veteran of counseling parents and their children, from toddlers to teenagers and beyond. I was a parent who desired to learn, and when a mistake was made, I took note and adjusted my methods — what I learned from personal experience and from successfully working with families for four decades has now filled a book! A book which will absolutely help you put parenting frustrations in the past and concentrate on the one thing that does matter 


When you accomplish that, not only will you feel fulfilled, you'll participate in the greatest miracle of humankind: watching your child grow to become a responsible, well adjusted human being, fully prepared for whatever life may bring.

Are you ready to learn these secrets?

Here’s a helpful introduction…



Follow a PROVEN Path Allowing Your Child to FULLY Realize Their Potential…

Wherever you are right now, stop for a moment and ask yourself this question…

What is the most important quality of being a good parent? Is it to:

  • Show your child who’s boss?
  • To make them fearful of your rule??


  • To help them develop into a confident and self-assured person?

That's easy right? While you certainly want to experience the joy of watching your child mature from adolescence to adult, sharing the bonds of love only a parent and child can share, ultimately you want them to grow into a responsible man or woman, someone who has developed…

  • Empathy
  • Honesty
  • Self-Reliance
  • Kindness
  • Cooperation
  • Curiosity
  • Motivation
  • Self-Control
  • Trust

Watching your child embrace these qualities and KNOWING you helped mold them into that unique individual is a reward unto itself. The journey is often comprised of confusion, frustration, wonder and awe, plus overwhelming love. It's a journey best accomplished with a detailed roadmap, one that points out the pitfalls, helps you steer clear of the obstacles, and points the way toward success and happiness.

"A-Plus Parenting" is that roadmap, a compilation of 40 years of experience that details how you (the parent) can successfully navigate the road that culminates in watching YOUR CHILD realize their true potential.




Your child's mind is more powerful than even the greatest computer, every moment of every day absorbing everything around them; and this includes YOUR ACTIONS. When you parent by example as well as words, you reinforce each teaching moment; if you desire a compassionate child; demonstrate those qualities in your life. The same is true for honesty, responsibility, self-confidence, ambition, work ethic, discipline and being emotionally open. Live your life today, as you want your children to live theirs tomorrow.

When I had a baby I was worried about so many things. I was worried about bonding with my child. I was worried about doing the right things as a parent to ensure she had the best life possible. I was worried about being too lenient or too strict. But ‘A-Plus Parenting’ eased my worries and gave me a clear blueprint to follow as a parent. Thank you so much for this tremendous resource.” – Teresa Anderson

"As a parent I was constantly worried about doing the right thing. 'A-Plus Parenting' put my mind at ease on so many troublesome subjects – everything from how to bond with my child to how to foster his development and much more. This is a terrific guide for new parents." – John Metcalfe

"When our teen-age daughter started to misbehave we didn't know what to do. It seemed like nothing we tried worked. Then we found your ebook and the advice really helped us regain control of the situation and get our daughter back on track. Thank you." – Alice Stephanskie

"I want the best for my child and I believe by reading your ebook and following its advice I'm now doing exactly what I should to prepare my daughter to succeed. Your book has been a real blessing." – Rosie Rodriquez




As your child starts to grow up — Facebook, Twitter, email, text-messages, jobs, interviews, deadlines, bills to pay, responsibilities to meet, it isn't easy being an involved parent, yet it is the MOST IMPORTANT element of parenting. STUDIES PROVE the more involved the parent, the better for your children's happiness, mental health and adjustment. Ask yourself these questions

  • What are the names of your children's teachers?
  • Who are their best friends?
  • What is your child studying at school and what is their favorite subject?
  • What books are they reading? Or are they reading at all?
  • Who are their heroes (celebrities, sports players, music icons) and what kind of movies do they watch?
  • If a teenager, how do they spend their money? Their time?
  • Is your child happy or sad, popular or isolated?

If you don't know the answers, you need to become more involved in your child's life, but is that possible in today's frantically paced world?

FACT: Children, whose parents are more involved do better in school, feel more confident, are less likely to become troubled or develop emotional issues. It doesn't matter the age, these are life lessons.

HINT: TELE-PARENTING is not the answer, but there is a way:


The "A+ Parenting" way — think of it as a family life-map, an in-depth guide that shows you how to…

  • Form a life-long bond with your child
  • Strike a balance between "tough love" and simply loving your child, life is a balance and so too is parenting
  • Administer discipline in a calm and collected manner; there is no need to lose your temper
  • Provide stability whether you have a spouse or raise your child alone
  • Teach the FIRST life lessons and ensure they are the RIGHT ONES
  • Use sports to SUPERCHARGE your child’s winning spirit
  • Set limits while allowing the FREEDOM they need to live learn and grow…

There's more of course, but here's a gem: When your son or daughter leaves for college or walks down the aisle will you be thinking, "I wish I'd spent more time working?" Not likely, you'll have a tear in your eye and pride in your heart as they walk into their future, a future you helped become a reality. Being an involved parent will often mean sacrifices and adjustments, but it is well worth the choice.


"A+ Parenting"isn't simply a book of memories about raising three well adjusted boys (now young men) — it's a detailed guide that distills 40 years of experience, both as a parent and counselor. Inside you'll find REAL WORLD ANSWERS to problems faced by nearly every parent and how to navigate the (often) perilous but wonderfully fulfilling journey of raising a happy, healthy and well-adjusted child.

"I honestly think this is the best resource on parenting that I have read. I highly recommend this book to all parents." – Mona Whitlock

"I found 'A-Plus Parenting' to be well-written and easy to understand. What's more, it covers vital topics that can help you be a better parent to your child." – Janice Dycus

"You did a wonderful job. This ebook is detailed yet a fun and enjoyable read. It was a great way for me to prepare for the birth of my son and my role as his parent.” – Lisa Harris


Are You a Concerned Parent?

If you've read to this point two things are clearly evident.

1. You're a concerned parent and want to do EVERYTHING possible to raise happy, well-adjusted kids, giving them every advantage possible in life.

2. You're someone who wants to know the details and you're willing to take the time to thoroughly examine something of interest, finding out exactly what is offered and whether or not it's right for you.


Rosanna CavarraA Letter from me to you —

For a moment, let me talk to you mom to mom, parent to parent. Let's forget the fact I've written a book. Let's just speak as if we were having coffee and talking about our kids.

There is no greater gift than the miracle of having a child, of holding life in your hands and realizing the wonder of it all, but also the great responsibility that has become yours. From one moment to the next, your world, your life and your future change (for the better of course) and it can often be overwhelming.

It is within your power to provide the guidance that can help your child realize their dreams, or withhold that guidance and see your child struggle, not knowing which way to turn, a ship without a rudder.

A major reason that I wrote "A-Plus Parenting" was so I could give something back to "Pay-It-Forward", to help others experience the joy and wonder of raising their children and seeing them grow to realize their full potential, young men and women you are proud to call yours; I want you and your children to benefit from my experience.

Certainly I was not a perfect parent and without a doubt I made my share of mistakes, but I learned from those mistakes, I adjusted my parenting methods and what I learned helped me to help others. One of the greatest blessings I experience is reading the emails and letters that parents send, telling me how "A-Plus Parenting" has changed their lives, helping them become better parents, helping them help their kids. The investment in this book is small, but the rewards can last a lifetime.

When I set out to write "A-Plus Parenting", I determined that I would leave nothing out, I'd pour my heart into the book, sharing everything I learned, not simply about raising three boys, but helping countless parents over the years. "A-Plus Parenting" is my gift to the future, for children are truly the future and parents, the guides who will take them there. – Rosanna


Why You Should Own A-Plus Parenting…

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you had a close friend who had faced the same challenges you face and had arrived unscathed on the other side? Someone you could chat with when you had a parenting question, a friend who wouldn't judge, but would offer clear and proven advice about what works and how to avoid the pitfalls of parenthood. When something unexpected arose, you'd simply give them a call or an e-mail and quickly receive a thoughtful and informed response.

Think of me as that friend and what I've written in "A+ Parenting" as an in-depth parenting roadmap. If you have a question ask and I'll answer based on my experience raising three boys, plus countless successful counseling sessions over the years. It's not necessary to make the parenting journey alone; I'm here to help you raise happy, successful, well-adjusted children.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I BELIEVE IN "A+ PARENTING" and feel certain you'll find the answers you need to be a better, more effective parent. I also realize you don't know me personally, and while I can fill this page with glowing testimonials, list 101 things you'll learn to make your parenting life easier, it doesn't solve the issue of us meeting in person, of having a personal conversation, of getting to know what's in my heart and asking any parenting question you want. I wondered how that could be solved, how you could KNOW you're buying something of quality and substance how you could feel safe ordering. While I would love to meet you personally, I know that can't happen with everyone, the world is simply too big and our days too busy with the hundreds of things that occupy our time, but I CAN offer you an iron-clad guarantee.

I stand behind "A+ Parenting" and if you are not 100% satisfied, if you don't IMMEDIATELY see the benefits, if you don't find EXACTLY the answer you are looking for, I will cheerfully give your money back. It's that simple, I believe in what I teach and KNOW YOU'LL BENEFIT from my experience, thus I have no fear offering a FULL 60 day (no questions asked) GUARANTEE.You have absolutely nothing to lose, and the hope of a bright future for you and your child to gain.

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Let's Pull Back the Curtain and See What's Inside A+ Parenting…

I want to GO THE EXTRA MILE and do whatever is needed to show you (to prove to you) that this book CAN HELP YOU BECOME A BETTER PARENT, can help you raise your child to become the men and women they deserve to be. I've mentioned the three strong and self-assured boys I've raised, the many successful counseling sessions I've led, now I'm going to literally OPEN THE BOOK and show you EXACTLY what's you'll find inside. You'll learn how to…

  • Form life-long bonds that will keep your child coming back for advice and love even after they are adult men and women.
  • Find the balance between a strong, firm parent, and being a friend to your child. The objective is respect, not fear.
  • Remaining calm (no yelling or cursing) while disciplining. This has proven MUCH MORE effective than "losing your cool".
  • Setting limits without hampering curiosity and the all important CREATIVE SPARK.
  • How to nurture their natural skills and talents.
  • The three CRITICAL THINGS you must know in today's fast paced, tech savvy world.
  • The SECRETS of raising a HAPPY and SECURE child as a single parent.
  • The ALL-IMPORTANT first lessons of childhood, are you teaching the right ones?
  • Providing STABILITY while instilling SELF-RELIANCE.
  • Helping them achieve FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.
  • The 5 CRUCIAL SIGNALS to watch for when assessing development and behavior.
  • What to watch for during age 0-6 that can IMPACT your child for life.
  • Helping your child develop vital COMMUNICATION and LANGUAGE skills CRITICAL in today's techno savvy world.
  • "Going for the Gold" or how sports can teach your child HOW TO SUCCEED in life.
  • Discussing sex sensibly (there is no need for embarrassment for either of you.
  • Ensuring "identity issues" don't hamper your child's opportunity to flourish.

Paying It Forward

Are you beginning to see the picture, there is nothing I've left out, everything I've learned from 40 years of being a mother, counselor and wife I've poured into these pages. This is your chance to be a better, more effective, more understanding parent, and my chance to "Pay-It-Forward", to help the world become a better place. The FUTURE IS OUR CHILDREN.

Order Now!Of course there's more…

  • Guiding your child through the mine field that simply finds you during the 10-13 year old range.
  • Creating BOUNDARIES while still allowing FREEDOM.
  • Recognizing and RESPECTING your partner's role in child rearing.
  • Dealing with issues IMMEDIATELY, never allowing them to become anything but a "speed bump", never a "road-block".
  • MAKING and KEEPING your promises, you'll never lose credibility when you learn this VALUABLE SECRET
  • RESPECTING your child when they turn to you for support.
  • NURTURING your child's talents and helping them reach for and achieve their goals.
  • CREATING and MAINTAINING your child's trust.
  • Did they make a WRONG CHOICE? Turn it into a teachable moment.

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Now it's Time to Make a Decision… Do You Want to Become the Best Parent Possible?

I believe your answer is YES, simply the fact you're still reading this page shows you realize in your heart, THERE IS A BETTER WAY, there MUST BE A ROADMAP, that you need not make the journey alone. You have nothing to lose, but your child has EVERYTHING TO GAIN.

What you'll learn for $7.95 can literally change the course of your child's life, not to

mention the fulfillment you'll feel inside when you KNOW you've…

  • Done the right thing
  • Made the right choice
  • Given the wisest counsel
  • Bonded with your child in a way few ever experience

This is traditionally the point where an author offers bonuses, incentives to compel you to buy "A+ Parenting". I don't believe bonuses should be the deciding factor; what you'll learn for $7.95 can literally change the course of your child's life. Add to that the fulfillment you'll feel when you KNOW you've done the right thing and the answer should be obvious.

However to help you and your family even further, when you buy "A+ Parenting" you'll receive all these extras:

  1. "My First Baby" an e-book that FULLY PREPARES expecting mothers (or even those who hope to be mothers) for what is about to happen to your body, mind, heart, and life.
  2. "Single Parenting 101" (aka "The Single Parenting Manual"). If you are, or may become a single parent, this is a MUST HAVE book.
  3. "Pregnancy Guide" how to stay happy and healthy for the full term of your pregnancy. As your body changes, you'll be fully prepared and know EXACTLY what to expect and how to cope to the benefit of YOUR and YOUR BABY's health and well being.
  4. "New Mothers Guide to Breast Feeding" which explains the benefits, both socially and physically to breast feeding, and how to wean your child when the time is right.
  5. "Potty Training, Stop the Mess, the Ultimate Potty Training Guide" learn exactly how (step-by-step) to get your child out of diapers and on the potty.

"A+ Parenting" is about making the right decision for YOU and YOUR CHILD, of realizingwe allcan be GREAT PARENTS if we simply knew the right steps to take, the very steps you'll learn in "A+ Parenting".

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