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Rosanna CavarraMy name is Rosanna, I was born in Italy in 1952, I’ve four older siblings and I’m a proud mother of three boys (18, 24, 25 years old).

I’ve had a happy childhood even though as a family we had to deal with health and money problems, very common problems among those born in my area after the second world war.

My own parents have been my main role model, they taught me and my brothers the importance of the family, to be close to each other (I’m 14 year younger than my older sister) despite the age, the sense  of  duty and they gave us the feeling we were all somehow necessary to the family life, we all had our own role, none of us has ever felt useless.Rosanna Cavarra and Luciano Cavarra, My beloved Dad

The professional training further strengthened me and has led me to be professional, careful, rigorous, but not unyielding teacher.

I have a degree in pedagogy and modern literature and have dedicated my whole life to education, from infants to teenage to college students.

In addition to teaching, I still spend my life helping my students’ families to deal with their daily unexpected issues.

Knowing to be a reference for young people who met me and for my children is the greatest satisfaction for me. They can count on me anytime.

The love and respect they show both to me and my job keep me motivated in the everyday life.








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