1)What is this book about?

2) Is "A-Plus Parenting" about sons and daughters?

3) Who is this book for?

4) How long before noticing the first improvements?

5) What will I learn?

6) I'm not at ease about putting my credit card info into a website order form. Is your site a safe place to place an order?

7) How and when will I be able to download the " A-plus Parenting" ebook?

8 ) I'm not from the USA. Does the currency of the country I'm in matter when I'll place my order?

1) It’s about the experience of a mother of three, who often has found herself alone facing her son’s childhood and teeage troubles

2) Absolutely yes, it is for both sexes, but primarily this is a book meant to be helpful to mothers and fathers that’ll have to face difficult situations on a daily basis, it sums up my over 40 years experience in teaching and parenting

3) As I said before, it’s for parents of any age, those that have just become, and those that for the first time have to deal with a tricky situation. It’s meant to help kids to trust their parents and to learn they can express themselves whitout fearing any sort of judgment. On the other hand parents will learn to accept their sons as they are in order to let them grow in harmony, free from fear of life.

4) It really depends on the entity of the problem. Teaching a healthy and respectful behaviour is relatively easy but when it comes to the psychological side things get more delicate, and a good share of patience, sensibility and perseverance is required, but the results won’t be a disappointment.

5) First of all you’ll learn how to deal with your own emotion as a parent, when going through hard times screaming and punishing your children likely isn’t the best decision.

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